Fast Guide: How to access your Android’s Easter Egg.

  1. Go to settings/about phone
  2. Tap repeatedly the “Android version.”
  3. The Easter Egg will launch.

Until now this is known only to geeks and Android developers, it is a cool hidden section in every Android phone. Today we show you how to get there.

How to get to the game?

IMG_20150807_161016Go into settings, then go to the about phone page.


Tap the Android version section repeatedly (a few fast taps), and a screen will appear with your Android version cover page.


Then you usually need to tap or hold part of the screen to open the game, in our Android 5 version you tap the yellow circle.


Then after the lollipop appears, hold down on the lollipop.


Now you have successfully unlocked the game inside your Android phone.

Does my phone have this?

By far the coolest is the Easter egg inside Android 5 and 6, they have an entirely built game. Android 7’s egg is strange, and a slow game. Every version since Android 2 has this secret menu, they are all accessed the same way as detailed above. Here is a quick overview of what is lurking inside your phone.

  • Nougat has a strange catch a cat game.
  • Marshmellow has a marshmallow multiplayer version of flappy birds.
  • Lollipop has a flappy birds style game.
  • KitKat has a weird mosaic game we couldn’t really figure out.
  • Jellybean has a jellybean game.
  • Ice cream sandwich has a Nyan Cat reference.
  • Honeycomb has a bee.
  • Gingerbread has a photo/painting.
The whole family of Android Easter eggs.
The family of Android Easter eggs from Gingerbread on the left to Nougat on the right…

Any other hidden menus?

There is another thing you can unlock with this method, if you are on the same about phone page you can tap the “build number” repeatedly and enter developer mode.

What is android developer mode?

A settings menu you can customize advanced functions and also use to display on screen information such as CPU usage.IMG_20150807_160849-2

Android 7’s menu is by far the best yet, and we are eager to see what will be included in any future Android releases. Show off your geek level knowledge of your phone and spread the word.

Do you know more secrets?

If there are other hidden sections you know about, leave a comment below and share your knowledge.

Happy Androiding. And if you are looking to upgrade check out our decent phone range.

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propfella .
propfella .

You’re right, I just tried the trick on my Asus 7 with KitKat and it came up with some really weird “game” Lots of Icons moving around the screen and the ability to move them yourself. The main problem is, everything seems to be random. No rules or descriptions available. Kind of like a lot of Chinese gadgets 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


Yeah I was and still am puzzled by this puzzle, maybe there is some secret to it that I haven’t figured out but it just seems to be random. It does closely resemble some Chinese gadgets that come without instructions, it is a secret game, maybe the rules are secret too.