If you’ve ever wondered about our warehouses and shipping or perhaps even had a question about your own order, then this may be a very helpful article for you! As an international company that ships to so many countries all over the world, Banggood’s logistics can often be a complex and affair involving part of the company in multiple countries.

Chinese Warehouse 2

Where our warehouses are

Although our base in in Guangzhou, China, we operate a network of warehouses on three continents, namely Asia, Europe and North America.

Our Asian warehouses are located in China, and they are spread throughout cities in Guangdong, our home province, including Guanzghou, our hometown!

China in Asia

Our European warehouses include locations in the EU. We find it helpful to useful base our European warehouse there to help ensure speedy delivery of products to both EU customers and the UK as it is closer to many customers.

UK in

Our North American warehouse is in the US and usually handles shipping for both North and South America, unless items are ordered which it doesn’t stock.

US in North America

Why we ship from a particular warehouse

Usually the reason Bangood chooses which warehouse to ship from are based on the needs of the customer, for example speedy shipping, when products are needed urgently or perhaps if customers will pay lower shipping costs for the same product shipped from another warehouse. Often the most geographically closest warehouse will handle the order however there are times when this isn’t possible, as discussed above.


Effectively, the decisions made about shipping are based on cost, speed and stock, as you’d expect (and admittedly Banggood does on occasion struggle to achieve the standards they aim for, but isn’t it quite extraordinary how far the world has come in shipping and communications!

Chinese Warehouse 3

We’ll certainly aim to  improve and expand and we hope this has given you a little more insight into how Banggood’s warehouses work!


  • Kuroki

    A lot of shelves and boxes everywhere. 🙂

    I prefer to order goods from China. I have once decided to order an item from the EU warehouse and it took four weeks for it to arrive. In my experience, orders from China usually arrive within two to four weeks time, so it’s not only cheaper, but ironically enough, faster too.

    I have also noticed that some of your mainland warehouses have ‘expanded’ their business. These days, if we were to order two items from say, Guangzhou, our order is likely to be split (CN_GZ1 and CN_GZ2 for example). A while ago, most of the orders weren’t split unless warehouses were located in different cities/provinces.

  • Very nice insight in your Warehouses. 🙂

  • Simon Keh

    I dont understand, how you’re able to do free shipping on every product, can you explain? 🙂

    • Glykabg

      It’s included in the price of the product. For some countries shipping is not free. 🙂

  • Niels

    Very interesting. I have always been wondering how my orders are being processed. Now I have a better idea. I can particularly relate to the last picture with the dispensers of the black plastic bags and the roles of white foam… 🙂

  • sleeperjoe

    That’s very insightful. I’ve always wondered how you guys manage to keep the order processing bit running so smooth (usually).

    I’d love to see a video on the logistics of an order once it’s placed till when you hand it over to FlytExpress. I don’t know about anyone else but I always enjoy those. I like to see and meet the people actively working on getting my stuff to me.

  • Smile it is almost Friday!

    I live in Singapore. China is only five days away, by China post. Banggood cannot even proccess an order in less than a 15 days.

    I have placed three orders with Banggood.

    The first two took so long, that I proceeded to order roughly the same items from Amazon in the USA. Both times my Amazon order arrived before Banggood could process the respective orders. Both times I canceled.

    I gave them another shot. This time they sent me a “congradulations your item has shipped” only two days after I placed the order. It has been three weeks since they posted a tracking number. The status still does not confirm the order has been recieved by the logistics comany. I expect they have not even processed the order yet, and the tracking number is a farce. In all likelyhood I will cancel this order as well.

    I suspect my comment will be “moderated in oblivion” because it sheds a less than rosy light on Banggood, but what can I say, the truth hurts!

    • No censoring here just a late Friday reply. If you have not canceled already, let me know ur order number I will get u an answer on where your order is. Shipping can be slow and we dont always use China post, if there are delays you will be offered a refund.

      • Smile it is almost Friday!

        It took more than three weeks for the tracking number to be recognized. Then only the expected five days thereafter. I think they issued the number before picking the order.

        I bought some of those USB current/voltage meters. They are very handy in my line of work. Nobody but Banggood has them. They work well and come in a variety of configurations.

        I also bought a raspberry PI case, game controllers, and some other cool geek stuff.