Love taking photos on your phone? Well, you can take even better photos with some advanced lenses. Clip-on lenses let you capture more, get closer, or zoom in like a regular camera. They are an easy fast way to multiply your shooting capabilities.

The Different types of smartphone lenses

Fish-eye lens

This is a creative lens that achieves an extremely wide perspective, which gives round images with distorted edges.

Comes with a great visual aid,fish eye lens that allows the photographer to shoot creative and unique photos.

Wide-angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are used to allow more of the background or scene to be shown in a picture. These are great for landscapes, indoors and big groups of people.

Wide- angle lenses are perfect for capturing an indoor environment.

Macro lens

You can get very impressive enlargements of small objects using a macro lens. It’s perfect if you want to capture tiny details in your pictures.


These are an external telescope that gets you closer to the action. They are frequently used with a mini tripod to maintain stability.

long lens telephoto
Shooting with long lens needs high stability, most come with a tripod attachment.

The different types of mounts

Lens Combo Cases

These combine a few different optics into one, you can just rotate the mount to change lens, this is convenient and eliminates any switching time. They are only available on a limited number of phones though.

Clip-on Lenses

These are easy to install and are universal for most phones, clip-on lenses are the most popular type. They are also fast to put on and come with an easy carry case.

Zoom tripod mount

If you’re going for one of the larger zoom lenses, the tripod is your only choice, these are larger to carry, but give you an amazing optical zoom.

Phone lenses are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your shooting abilities.

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