No, it’s not a flashback to our 11th Anniversary, 11.11 is singles day! The biggest shopping day in China.

How did 11.11 get started?

  • Valentine’s day is the day to celebrate being together, but there is no celebration for all those who are single. In the 90s, students in China initially started celebrating November 11 as the single peoples’ version of Valentine’s day.
  • This date was chosen as Nov.11 is one, one, one and one and is seen as signifying single people together.
  • The day was then commercialized by Alibaba who launched the first Double 11 sale in 2009.
  • The term was trademarked, and only they can use the official “Double 11” name. Everyone else, including us, just use 11.11.

Singles day is the biggest sale in the world!

It is much bigger than Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined. Growth is fueled by it’s growing international popularity.

Are you ready for Banggood 11.11 price storm?

Banggood 11.11 price storm sale promotion banner

We have a massive storm of deals, coupons, and events on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November. Celebrate singles day with us and enjoy the Price Storm.

The biggest orders win prizes

The top 3 orders during the sale will win the top 3 prizes above.

Coupons everyone can enjoy

Grab coupons like this on the 11.11 event page.

You can grab a collection of coupons that give you 10-15% off most items

Banggood’s deals are divided into five main sections.

This is an excellent chance to start your Christmas shopping off with a bang. Burn through our deals without burning through your pocket!

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